Growing Community by Growing Food

At Our Global Family Farm, we’re promoting global unity and permaculture design principles by growing food crops from the four corners of the globe through regenerative agriculture techniques. With seasonal community farm celebrations and volunteer projects, we welcome you to join our endeavors aimed at bringing indigenous food cultures into the lives of local families. Read on and contact us to learn how you can become part of Our Global Family

Field Trip to City Farm & Global Family Farm
Teresa Lees

Field Trip to City Farm & Global Family Farm

Our Global Family Farm is Regenerative Agriculture in Action - We practice this by minimizing soil disturbance, maximize crop diversity, keeping the soil covered and maintaining living roots year round.

We also practice the principles of mutual aid, reciprocity, social justice and respecting and honoring the diversity of all humans on this planet.

We are all part of ONE Global Family on this planet. We are all in this together. Let us always remember to Care for the Earth, Care for People and to Care for our Collective Future.

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Volunteer Opportunities

One of the main reasons Our Global Family Farm was founded in 2014 was to create a place for families to come visit and volunteer at a permaculture farm in the greater San Luis Obispo area. We've dedicated this 1/4 acre piece of public farmland to education about how to grow food in an ecological way. We hope you’ll help us continue this work by volunteering on every Sunday 9am to 1pm. Then on Sunday afternoons from 1pm to 3pm we deliver our surplus produce to the meal giveaway at Mitchell Park, SLO through the Food Not Bombs program.


Multicultural Celebrations

One of our main causes here at Our Global Family Farm is to honor indigenous cultures, here locally along the Central Coast of California and globally. Multicultural Celebrations held seasonally on the farm connect us to our roots ---- our family & cultural heritage around eating food as well as horticultural traditions of how people from around the world grow their food. Come create a family tradition of your own by attending these cultural events. Events will be listed in the blog.

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One of our goals is to ensure that young girls and women know how to grow food and how to prepare food from the garden. We want to see generations of women and girls be empowered to learn about agriculture and to be leaders in the local food movement.  The day camp involves farming, cooking, crafts and nature connection. 


Together we can create a food system that is Regenerative, Healthy, Local, and Resilient.


"We're All Family Under One Sky"

Janice Buckner

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